WhatsApp shut down today for 6 hours in outage

Recently, the event that 3 social networking platforms Facebook, Meta, and WhatsApp under the management of Meta had problems with inactivity, causing questions for users around the world.

WhatsApp, a messaging app with more than 2 billion users globally, took more than 6 hours to restore the app. So what do the heads of Meta say after this incident? And what causes WhatsApp shut down today? Find out in the following article!


Apologies from the head of Facebook after the WhatsApp shutdown today

WhatsApp is a messaging app owned by Meta, the same company that owns Facebook and Instagram. As a result, while Facebook and Instagram users were unable to send or browse their newsfeeds, WhatsApp users were unable to send or receive messages and many people complain about WhatsApp shut down today.

Late Monday evening, Facebook’s networks, including Instagram and WhatsApp, experienced widespread global outcry. After 6 hours of WhatsApp shut down today, users all around the world regained access to the services.

As Facebook relaunched, CEO Mark Zuckerberg used the messaging platform to express his regret to everyone. “Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger are now operational again.

Sorry for the inconvenience today — I understand how much you rely on our services to stay in touch with the people you care about,” said Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

WhatsApp shut down today
Mark Zuckerberg apologizes for global outage of Facebook and other apps

According to a study by DownDetector, 40% of users were unable to download WhatsApp, while 30% had difficulty sending messages. Around 22% of WhatsApp users were unable to access the web version of the app.

When Facebook fell down yesterday night, it brought with it other services like WhatsApp and Instagram. WhatsApp stated on Twitter that work was underway and that access would be restored gradually.

“Apologies to everyone who hasn’t been able to use WhatsApp today. We’re starting to slowly and carefully get WhatsApp working again. Thank you so much for your patience. We will continue to keep you updated when we have more information to share,”WhatsApp sent out a tweet.

WhatsApp shut down today
WhatsApp’s tweet

In a blog post published late Monday night, Facebook notified users that the outrage has impacted many of their internal tools and processes that the app employs in day-to-day operations, making it difficult to detect and repair the problem swiftly.

“Our engineering teams have learned that configuration changes on the backbone routers that coordinate network traffic between our data centers caused issues that interrupted this communication.

This disruption to network traffic had a cascading effect on the way our data centers communicate, bringing our services to a halt,” Facebook said in a blog post.

WhatsApp shut down today
Facebook blog shared about WhatsApp shut down today

This isn’t the first time an outrage like this has occurred. For a few hours in April, Facebook and Instagram were unavailable to millions of users around the world. 

WhatsApp shut down today for SIX hours in outage

The return of WhatsApp

After the event WhatsApp shut down today, the Facebook-owned company stated on Twitter that “you don’t need to do anything to start sending messages again.” Simply open WhatsApp and you should be automatically reconnected to its servers.

Any messages that were unable to be despatched yesterday night should now be delivered to their intended recipients.

What if WhatsApp WhatsApp shut down today on your iPhone or Android device? Don’t worry, your device is in perfect working order.

For the event WhatsApp shut down today, millions of WhatsApp users around the world have been unable to send or receive texts. When users open WhatsApp, they are greeted with a status message that states “Connecting…” over and over again.

WhatsApp shut down today
WhatsApp unable to send text messages

However, due to the ongoing global outage, your app is unable to connect to WhatsApp’s servers. Text messages, images, documents, and videos can no longer be sent or received on WhatsApp.

The massive outage, which has affected a number of other major Facebook-owned services, including Instagram and the main Facebook social network app, as well as Facebook Gaming, has also hampered voice and video calls.

Users using iPhone, Android, and those who use WhatsApp for Web to send messages from their web browser, such as Google Chrome, have had difficulty.

The continuous issues have grown to become the largest outage ever recorded by DownDetector, a company that tracks outages. WhatsApp has now acknowledged the problems that are affecting users all across the world.

As the outage approached the one-hour mark, the company issued a Twitter update: “We’re aware that some people are experiencing issues with WhatsApp at the moment. We’re working to get things back to normal and will send an update here as soon as possible.”

The massively popular chat network has not stated when normal service would be restored. Internal messaging apps used by Facebook employees, according to some accounts, have also gone offline, leaving teams rushing to find a solution to the global issues.

Facebook, which bought WhatsApp for $16 billion in 2014 and now owns and manages it, issued a nearly identical message on Twitter, writing: “We’re aware that some users are having difficulty using our apps and services. We’re working hard to restore normalcy as soon as possible, and we apologize for any trouble this has caused.”

If you try to send a text message when WhatsApp shut down today, you’ll notice a small clock indicator in the bottom right-hand corner. This means the message hasn’t been able to get out of your device.

WhatsApp shut down today
Clock icon on WhatsApp

When your text reaches WhatsApp’s servers, it is indicated by a single tick. When the SMS is sent from those servers to the recipient’s smartphone, it becomes a double-tick.

WhatsApp shut down today
Ticks on WhatsApp

The recipient has opened WhatsApp and viewed the text message when the double-ticks turn blue.

These symbols can also be found in the corners of photo messages, movies, PDFs, and other documents. When attempting to make a voice or video call to a recipient, the typical call interface will display and WhatsApp will state it is “calling”…but you will not receive an answer since the messaging service is unable to connect to the servers.


If you wait long enough, WhatsApp will hang up and return you to the app’s main screen.

Some users will see the words “Connecting…” displayed at the top of a conversation within the app instead of your contact’s name and profile picture.

WhatsApp shut down today
WhatsApp shut down today

This could potentially be a sign that WhatsApp shut down today.

Outages on WhatsApp are common, but not on this scale. And certainly not for this long. While a blip in a single territory isn’t uncommon, we haven’t seen anything on this scale in years.

The last time WhatsApp shut down today was on New Year’s Eve, when the messaging service crashed due to a large number of users attempting to send well-wishes.

DownDetector is able to map out the complaints using the geolocation data kept with social media posts, such as tweets, to indicate the areas with the largest concentration of difficulties.

According to the most recent statistics, users in London, Glasgow, and Manchester are the most likely to be affected.

The reason behind WhatsApp shut down today

WhatsApp shut down today were caused by a problem with the company’s domain name system, a little-known (at least among the general public) but vital component of the internet.

According to independent firm DownDetector, which tracks customer complaints across social media to monitor the functioning of internet services, the scope of the ongoing outage has been disclosed.

According to DownDetector data, over 70,000 WhatsApp users complained about WhatsApp shut down today.

That massive scale is unsurprising, given that WhatsApp is the most popular messaging service on the planet, with over two billion monthly users.

DNS stands for Domain Name System, and it’s like a phone book for the internet. It’s the program that translates an online domain, such as Facebook.com, into the site’s real internet protocol, or IP, address.

Consider Facebook.com to be the person you’d look up in the phone book, and the IP address to be the real address you’d locate. WhatsApp shut down today

On Monday, outages were caused by a technical issue with Facebook’s DNS records. When a DNS problem occurs, it is impossible to convert Facebook.com into a user’s profile page.

That appears to have occurred within Facebook, but on a scale that has momentarily rendered the entire Facebook ecosystem unusable.

Not only are Facebook’s main platforms unavailable, but some internal applications, including the company’s own email system, are also unavailable.

Employees at the company’s Menlo Park, California, site were also unable to access offices and conference rooms that required a security credential, according to Twitter and Reddit users.

If the machine that gives access is also connected to the same domain — Facebook.com — this could happen.

The Border Gateway Protocol, or BGP, appears to be the source of the problem at Facebook Inc. BGP is the internet’s postal service, if DNS is its phone book.

According to public records, a huge number of changes were made to Facebook’s BGP routes minutes before the platforms stopped loading, according to Cloudflare Inc.’s chief technical officer, John Graham-Cumming, in a Tweet.

WhatsApp shut down today
BGP routes were withdrawn on October 4th

While the BGP issue could explain why Facebook’s DNS failed, the firm has yet to explain why the BGP routes were withdrawn on October 4th.

The reason why WhatsApp shut down today for more than 6 hours was explained in the preceding post. Visit our website for more Whatsapp-related content: Top 9 ways to fix WhatsApp not sending messages


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