What is my WhatsApp number and 2 ways to find phone number very easy

WhatsApp is a global messaging app with over 2 billion users. Users can only utilize one phone number per account in the app. Many elderly persons, or those who have recently changed their phone number, will nevertheless have difficulty with wondering “What is my Whatsapp number?” Let’s look at the solution to the query, “What is my Whatsapp number?” and two methods for locating phone numbers on Android and iOS operating systems. 


When you factor in the fact that most Android phones now enable two SIMs, you’re looking at a lot of puzzled looks. Don’t worry if this describes you. On both Android and iOS cellphones, here’s a step-by-step approach to finding what my WhatsApp number.

What is my WhatsApp number on Android

‘What is my WhatsApp number’ is a question asked by many Android users. Let’s do the following steps to answer the question: what is my WhatsApp number.

Step 1: On your Android smartphone, open WhatsApp and hit the three-dot menu. From here, pick Settings.

What is my Whatsapp number
Setting icon on Android

Step 2: Your name should appear at the top of the page, along with your profile photo. You’ll see your registered mobile number in WhatsApp with a single tap.

On WhatsApp, you can only have one phone number. Despite the fact that most phones now accept two SIMs, the app does not allow users to create and manage two accounts from the same smartphone.

However, there are ways to get around this restriction by installing another WhatsApp instance. You can launch a second WhatsApp account on the same phone and use it at the same time.

Xiaomi smartphone users can use the built-in Dual Apps capability to quickly clone WhatsApp on their devices. There’s also no need to download and learn how to utilize a third-party program.

Click on the appropriate setting if you wish to modify your phone number or name. 

  • If you tap on your name, for example, your keyboard app should open instantly. Tap Save after you’ve entered your preferred name.
  • When you wish to change your WhatsApp number, the steps are a little more involved. The number is used to authenticate your account, and you must verify it again if you change it. Then touch Next after selecting the number.
What is my Whatsapp number
Change WhatsApp number on Android

You’ll get a notification that your account, along with all of its data, will be transferring to this new number. The phone number must be active, and the SIM card must be installed on your smartphone.

WhatsApp will automatically detect your country code, but double-check it for any inaccuracies. You’ll start by entering your current WhatsApp number, then your new desired WhatsApp number. Next should be tapped.

To verify ownership, you will immediately receive an OTP on your new WhatsApp number. If the app is unable to identify the OTP automatically, manually enter it and proceed. You now have three options for informing your contacts about your new WhatsApp number.

NOTE: If you change your WhatsApp number on the same phone, your chat history will not be removed. Take a backup if you’re switching phones.

What is my Whatsapp number on iOS (iPhone, iPad)

For iPhone and iPad, the procedure is nearly identical. Follow the steps below to check your WhatsApp name and number on your iOS device.

What is my Whatsapp number
Setting icon on WhatsApp


Step 1: On your iPhone or iPad, open WhatsApp. At the bottom right corner, select Settings.

Step 2: Now, tap your name near the top of the screen, next to your profile image.

It will now display your WhatsApp username and mobile number.

If you wish to change your iPhone’s name and phone number, the procedure is very identical to that of an Android phone.



  • Return to Settings to modify the registered phone number. Click Account and then Change Number from the drop-down menu. 
  • Next, enter the old and new numbers, and follow the on-screen directions.

Your data, including groups, will be moved to the new SIM number, much like Android.

How do I know if my WhatsApp number has been blocked?

Blocking is a useful function that allows you to stop receiving calls or messages from a specific person. You may not realize someone has blocked you at first, but they will have complete control over the conversation.

Here are five alternative ways to see if your WhatsApp number has been blocked:

  • Examine the last seen message: When you launch the chat window, look under the user’s name for the last seen message. They may have barred you if this hasn’t changed recently or if you can’t view it.
  • Check for updates: If a user has blocked you, you will not receive any updates to their About page, nor will their profile image. A lack of activity on an account could indicate that you’ve been blocked (or that they don’t care to keep their profile up to date).
  • Send a message: If you send a message to someone who has blocked you, the message will be ignored. You will, however, see a checkmark indicating that it has been delivered. You’ve probably been blocked if that checkmark never turns into a double checkmark (for seen messages).
What is my Whatsapp number
WhatsApp number has been blocked
  • If you try to phone the person who has blocked you, the call will not go through. This is one of the most reliable methods for determining whether or not someone is blocking you.
  • Make use of group chats: Attempt to add someone to a group chat. If you get an error message saying you can’t add someone, it’s most likely because they’ve blocked you.

How do I know if my WhatsApp number has been saved?

It’s quite simple to see who has your WhatsApp number saved. To test this, we’ll need to use a slightly esoteric WhatsApp feature called broadcasts. Group chats are comparable to broadcasts.

One significant characteristic of the broadcast is that users who do not have you on their contact list will not be able to see it. The following steps will show you how to use the broadcast feature:

  1. Launch WhatsApp. On the upper right, select More choices (look for the three dots). Select New broadcast from the menu.

    WhatsApp number has been saved
  2. Choose which users you’d like to check out. You will, however, require at least two confirmed users. Make use of someone you know who has added you to their address book.
  3. On the lower right corner, tap the checkmark. Send a message to a large group of people. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy; just ‘Test’ will suffice.
  4. Allow some time to pass. Examine the message’s delivery metadata. Select Info from the menu that appears after pressing on the message until a menu appears.
  5. Look at the section labeled “Delivered To.” People that aren’t listed here haven’t likely added you on WhatsApp.

Use the broadcast feature the next time you want to see if someone has saved your WhatsApp number. It’s possible that this is the only time you’ll need it.


This is the Whatsapp phone number article. Hopefully, after reading this post, you will be able to answer the question: what is my WhatsApp number and, if necessary, change it. Learn more about how to log in to WhatsApp on your computer through the following article: 2 Ways to Get WhatsApp on Computer

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