12 tips for using Whatsapp that you didn’t know

Are you using Whatsapp? Do you think you already know how to use it most effectively? If you are interested in using WhatsApp, then read this article right away. This article WhatsApp Web will introduce 12 tips for using WhatsApp that you do not know.

1. Prevent the application from automatically saving photos and videos when chatting to the device memory

Tips for using WhatsApp that you don’t meet is how to prevent the application from automatically saving photos and videos when chatting to the device memory. By default, the image and video content that users exchange while chatting will be automatically saved by the application to the mobile device memory. And if you don’t pay attention, it may “contribute” to the device’s storage space. To prevent this feature, you can do the following:

Open Settings -> Privacy. In the Photo settings section, switch to “OFF” in the “WhatsApp” option. 

tips for using whatsapp
Tips for using Whatsapp

2. WhatsApp also has versions for Desktop and Web

Besides the mobile application version, WhatsApp also offers a version for installation on the computer or the web. Users can also choose and use at WhatsApp’s website conveniently.

whatsapp web
Using WhatsApp on the computer or on web

3.Turn off sound notifications in group chats

The tips for using WhatsApp as well as other social platforms like Messenger or Zalo is to turn off the audio in the chat. When you join a group chat, surely you will sometimes feel annoyed by the constant ringing? To turn off the chat notification feature, in the group chat window, click on the group name. The setup interface appears, click on the option “Silent”. Then select the timeline. you want to turn off all notifications of this group. It’s simple, right?

share document
Chat setting

4. Directly reply to a message – Popular tips for using WhatsApp

In a group chat, there must be a lot of jumbled messages. And if you want to reply directly to a message from a group member without wanting it to be mixed in with other messages, you can simply do the following:

Click on the text to reply and wait a few seconds. Then a selection menu will appear, click “Reply”.

Then, the message you choose will appear above the text input. Now you just need to enter your answer and click submit.

directly message
One of the tips for using whatsapp is loved very much by people

5. Quickly share images, videos or GIFs with just 1 tap

A recently added WhatsApp tip is the option to quickly share an image, video or GIF to a specific contact or all contacts customized by you in a very easy way. You can do the following:

First, you just need to click on the “Status” icon.

Then proceed to take or record a short video or select data from the collection on the device, then proceed to enter the content and send it. 

6. Turn off “watched” notifications

Turn off viewed notifications. This WhatsApp usage tip is extremely helpful for everyone. Sometimes we will encounter some awkward situations and do not want to read that message and accidentally press the wrong button. So is there a way to delete the notification that we have read that message? The answer is yes. Go to Settings -> Accounts. Then click on the first “Security” item. Switch to OFF in the option “Notice read”.

As such, your chat person will not receive a notification that you have read messages from them. Worth a try, right?

Send a message
Turn off notifications

7.Change phone number

Like many other OTT services, WhatsApp is also closely linked to your phone number like an account registration form. However, if you have a new mobile number and want to change your WhatsApp registered number to a new one, you can do as follows:

Go to Settings -> Accounts -> Change phone number and follow the instructions.

8.Backup WhatsApp data

If you change your phone and want to back up all of your WhatsApp data so far to restore it on your new phone, you can do the following:

Go to Settings -> Chats -> Chat History.

Finally, tap “Back Up Now”.

In addition, you can also set up the application to automatically backup data by day, week or month if desired.

9.Make text bold, italic, or strikethrough

You can emphasize your chat in bold, italic, or strikethrough using the following syntax:

Content format syntax.

“content should be bold”

_content to be italicized_

~content needs strikethrough~

10.Make a video call

The trick to using WhatsApp as well as other OTT services is to make video calls. WhatsApp allows you to easily video call anyone anywhere at any time frame. You can easily contact friends, relatives, partners or work easily anytime, anywhere.

tips for using whatsapp
How to use WhatsApp most efficiently

11.Send a message to many people

The tip of using WhatsApp that cannot be ignored is to send messages to many people. If you have something to share with your friends in the contact list, instead of having to message each person, you can send it to many people at once by doing the following:

Click on the “News List” option.

Then click on the “New List” option and proceed to tick the contacts that need to be sent with the same content and then click “Create”. Now you just need to enter the content to send.

12.Stop showing all notifications from WhatsApp on your mobile screen

If for some reason you don’t want notifications from WhatsApp to appear on your mobile screen, you can do the following:

Go to Settings -> Notifications -> WhatsApp and switch to OFF in the options where you want WhatsApp to be “silent”.

Above are 12 tips for using whatsapp that whatsappweb would recommend to you. If you know WhatsApp, you can’t ignore these great tips. Hope this article will help you know how to use Whatsapp more effectively. 

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