5 ways to know someone has blocked you on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a well-known program with over 2 billion installs worldwide. Whatsapp, like many other social networking apps, allows you to block aggressive or unpleasant persons.

What should I do if I’m unsure whether I’m blocked or not? In actuality, WhatsApp does not tell the individual who has been blocked of this information.

Don’t worry; this article is for you. We’ll show you 5 ways to know someone has blocked you on WhatsApp.

What is the Process of Blocking WhatsApp?

Users who no longer want to engage with other contacts can ban them in the app’s settings.

Step 1: Open the app and select Settings from the menu (3 vertical dots) on the right-hand side of the screen.

someone has blocked you on WhatsApp
Setting icon on Android

Step 2: Scroll down to Account and select Privacy from the drop-down menu.

Step 3: Blocked Contacts can be found in the Privacy settings menu.

You’ll notice a human icon with a plus sign next to it on the top right-hand side of this. You can add anyone from your contact list after you’ve tapped on this.

NOTE: If you discover that someone has blocked you, it means they no longer wish to communicate with you. As a result, attempting to contact the individual who has blocked you is not recommended. Leave them alone if you don’t want to become a harasser.

How to know someone has blocked you on WhatsApp

The ‘last seen’ status of a contact is not shown

If you think someone has blocked you on WhatsApp, the first thing you should do is check your last seen. This is one of the simplest ways to figure out if you’ve been blocked on WhatsApp.

The user’s last seen indicates whether or not he is online, as well as how long ago he was online. You’ve probably been blocked if you haven’t seen the last seen on your partner’s Whatsapp for a long time.

However, another option is that the user has hidden their last seen.

Check out the next indications to see whether someone has blocked you on WhatsApp!

someone has blocked you on WhatsApp
Last seen status on WhatsApp

The new profile image of a contact 

The new profile image is the next way to know if someone has blocked you on WhatsApp. This is one of the signs to guess if you are blocked or not.

It could be a clue that you’ve been blocked if the person you suspect has blocked you is someone who routinely changes or updates their profile picture, but hasn’t changed the new photo for a long time and has retained the old one.

Whatsapp has a function that prevents information from being updated for people who have been blocked. If you can’t access your profile or don’t receive photo change notifications, you’ve probably been blocked.

One gray check mark appears in your massages

Have you ever been sending someone messages and noticed that there is only one checkmark below it? This indicates that your message was sent but not received and viewed by the intended recipient.

Here’s what all of the checkmark icons mean.

  • A single grayed check mark indicates that your message has completed the sending procedure but has not yet been delivered.

    someone has blocked you on WhatsApp
    One check mark on WhatsApp
  • Your message was sent and delivered to your contact when two grayed check marks appeared.

    someone has blocked you on WhatsApp
    Two gray check marks
  • The message has been sent, received, and viewed, as indicated by two blue check marks.

If you just see one gray check mark next to the messages you’ve sent, someone has blocked you on WhatsApp.

This indicates that your message is being sent to that individual, but it is not being delivered to their phone for whatever reason.

Because this could be caused by a weak Wi-Fi or cellular data service, it’s better to wait and see if the checkmark changes.

The ability to make phone calls is another feature provided by WhatsApp. It functions similarly to ordinary phone calls, with the exception that it relies on Wi-Fi rather than cellular reception.

Making phone calls on WhatsApp is absolutely free, just like the rest of the service.

Can not call – sign someone has blocked you on WhatsApp

This implies that if you call one of your contacts, the phone should ring and be answered as if it were any other call. If someone has blocked you on WhatsApp, the phone will ring briefly before terminating automatically.

This is akin to calling someone whose phone is switched off and being directed to voicemail.

someone has blocked you on WhatsApp
Cannot call someone on WhatsApp

If you’ve tried calling a contact on WhatsApp several times during the day or week, this is yet another sign that you’ve been blocked by this individual. Call another one of your WhatsApp contacts for added assurance.

Make a WhatsApp group with a contact

Readers should be aware that all of the preceding attempts could fail due to a simple network issue, and so should not be regarded as definitive proof that you have been blocked; but, this attempt will dispel any questions you may have.

Make a WhatsApp group with a contact you believe has blocked you. If you receive a notification that says “you are not authorized to add this contact,” someone has blocked you on WhatsApp.

someone has blocked you on WhatsApp
How to create a group on WhatsApp

In this article, we discussed five signs someone has blocked you on WhatsApp. I hope this essay has given you a better understanding of whatsapp and how to use it. Check read the article to learn more about the way to block a contact on WhatsApp: Blocking a contact in WhatsApp


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