3 Ways to return old version WhatsApp web

WhatsApp is one of the most widely used applications nowadays. If you use WhatsApp frequently, you may have noticed that it has recently received an update. Many users want WhatsApp to revert to its prior state. The following post will explain how to return old version WhatsApp web, as well as three different ways to obtain WhatsApp’s old version.

WhatsApp has a new version

Many users have lately noticed that when they use WhatsApp to communicate with friends, the app will continue to receive messages even if the user has shut off the phone’s Internet connection.

This new feature is called ‘multi-device mode,’ and it was tested for a few months before being rolled out to all WhatsApp users. Despite the fact that it was eagerly anticipated by consumers, it has a number of flaws.

return old version WhatsApp web
New version of WhatsApp

The new mode has its disadvantages

The new multi-device mode, which allows us to utilize WhatsApp Web or its Windows or Mac versions regardless of our mobile device, is one of the most eagerly awaited features of WhatsApp in recent times.

Unlike the old way, you can leave your phone turned off or unconnected after setting it up with the corresponding QR code and continue chatting on WhatsApp Web without any issues.

However, it does have some disadvantages.

  • First, customers who have already started utilizing the new multi-device mode have discovered that when they use WhatsApp Web on a desktop PC or laptop, messages load slowly and the whole chat history is missing.
  • Next, the new multi-device option is limited to four devices, so if you need more, you’ll have to terminate one session before starting another.

 Also, if you have a large WhatsApp history, be patient because it will take a long time for the history to load on your computer, as it contains conversations, photographs, videos, voice notes, and other sorts of information.

As soon as you access the multi-device beta, you’ll notice that it’s plainly labeled as WhatsApp Web and PC beta. In this attitude, some people want to stick to the old WhatsApp Web manner of doing things.

It had the disadvantage of being synced with the mobile device, which had to be turned on and connected to the Internet at all times, but it could be used on other devices and was a little more nimble when reviewing old messages. The good news is that you can for the time being.

return old version WhatsApp web
WhatsApp new version with advantage vs disadvantage

How to return old version WhatsApp web

If you wish to return old version WhatsApp web, I have both good and bad news for you. The good news is that it is feasible; the bad news is that it is unlikely to last long. The new multi-device feature is here to stay, as evidenced by the fact that if you’re using WhatsApp beta, you can’t turn it off.

return old version WhatsApp web
WhatsApp web beta

If you’re using WhatsApp’s stable version, you can now go back to the previous mode at any time. To do so, open WhatsApp, go to the Linked devices menu, and select Beta version for multiple devices from the drop-down box. The button displays at the bottom of the information panel. Exit the beta version.

When you’re finished, the new multi-device mode sessions will be ended, and you’ll be sent to the old one, which is synchronized by mobile and may be used on up to four devices at once. You can always re-register at the same location if you change your mind.

This option is not available if you are using WhatsApp Beta. Instead, make sure you have a recent backup of your WhatsApp account and return old version WhatsApp web.

You’ll need to remove WhatsApp, exit the WhatsApp beta program on Google Play, and then reinstall it.

On both Android and iOS, there are two ways to return old version  WhatsApp by reinstalling.

The easiest way to return old version WhatsApp web your iPhone

There is also a mechanism to enable users to get back to the old version of WhatsApp on the iPhone, in addition to eliminating the Beta test.

You can’t download the old WhatsApp version on your iPhone directly from iTunes if you’ve already upgraded to a higher version of iTunes. But don’t be concerned! An easier and faster method for downloading and installing the old version of WhatsApp on your iPhone will be recommended here.

Meet AppTrans, a professional one-stop app manager that allows you to simply install a variety of programs on your iPhone or Android device.

Let’s look at how to use AppTrans to return old version WhatsApp web on your iPhone.

Step 1: On the computer, open AppTrans.

On the official AppTrans website, you may get the most recent version. Install AppTrans on your PC after downloading it. Launch it as soon as the installation is complete. Connect your iPhone to the computer in the meanwhile.

return old version WhatsApp web
Apptrans helps to return old version WhatsApp web

Step 2: Download and install an older version of WhatsApp.

Now, at the bottom of the left panel, click the App Install button. AppTrans had already detected the iPhone, as you can see. Then press the Install Now button to continue.

Step 3: Finish installing the previous version of WhatsApp.

Then, to add the old version of the WhatsApp IPA file to your computer, click the add files button.

It won’t take long to successfully install the outdated version of WhatsApp. However, before you begin downloading WhatsApp via AppTrans, you must first download the old version of the IPA file to your PC.

The fastest way to return old version WhatsApp on an android device

When deleting the current update version of WhatsApp, you must first download an older version of the program by following the procedures below:

Step 1: Go to get an older version of WhatsApp to download. Select any previous version 2.17.60 from the drop-down menu (recommended)

return old version WhatsApp web
Uninstall beta version

Step 2: Begin installing this program through a third-party website and stop halfway through.

Step 3: Select Mobile Settings from the drop-down menu. To enable it, go to your Mobile Settings and tap on Unknown Sources.

Step 4: Finally, click OK. Allowing the app to install on your phone is an option.

The preceding post discussed WhatsApp’s most recent update, dubbed “multi-device mode,” as well as three options to return old version WhatsApp web. WhatsApp is a popular messaging program that has over 2 billion installs worldwide. Let’s have a look at the following article to understand more about WhatsApp: 2 Ways to Get WhatsApp on Computer

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