4 Helpful Steps to Hide Timestamps on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a lovable popular app with over 2 billion downloads and used in over 180 countries. WhatsApp is a free messaging app using wifi or mobile network. WhatsApp will show a timestamp for the user, one that appears when sending a message and a timestamp that shows the time the user is online WhatsApp. So how to hide timestamps on WhatsApp? Let’s learn how to hide timestamps on WhatsApp in just 4 easy steps!

Step 1: hide timestamps on WhatsApp 

 Start WhatsApp on your phone. Look for the white phone-like icon in the green conversation bubble. To open, tap on it.

hide timestamps on WhatsApp

Step 2:

hide timestamps on WhatsApp

Click or tap “Settings.” The navigation bar contains a link to this option.

Step 3:  

hide timestamps on WhatsApp

Message Timestamp disabled. The Message Timestamp option can be found under Chat Settings. Toggle the switch to the off position to remove it.

Step 4:

hide timestamps on WhatsApp

The Last Seen Timestamp should be disabled. Locate the Last Seen Timestamp by tapping on “Advanced,” and then turn the switch off.

Above article shared 4 simple steps to hide timestamps on WhatsApp. Hope the article helps you to successfully hide timestamps on WhatsApp. Don’t forget to visit our website and leave any questions related to WhatsApp in the comment box!

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