4  useful ways to find someone on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a globally loved messaging app with over 2 billion downloads and used in over 180 countries. WhatsApp is an outstanding application with features such as video calling, status posting and especially messaging. So how to find someone on WhatsApp to text? Let’s learn 4 simple ways to find someone on WhatsApp!

find someone on WhatsApp
Find someone on WhatsApp

WhatsApp always puts the privacy of users’ personal information first, so sometimes people will have difficulty finding the contact person. You won’t be able to message another person directly on WhatsApp like using Facebook or Twitter. This is quite annoying when you are in need of contacting someone on WhatsApp immediately.

Don’t worry! Read the article below for more ways to find someone on WhatsApp

4 useful ways to find someone on WhatsApp

WhatsApp does not have a toolbar for you to search someone’s WhatsApp account. If you want to find someone  on WhatsApp then you have to find it directly on the app and have the phone number of the person you want to text.

We will share 4 ways to help you find someone on WhatsApp.

Find someone on WhatsApp on mobile device

If you are using a phone or tablet then this is the way for you. If you want to find someone on WhatsApp, the first requirement is that you have this person’s phone number in your contact list. When you want to text these phone numbers then just enter their number in WhatsApp search bar and send them a message.

Below are the steps to find someone on WhatsApp on a mobile device. However, you should note that the process will be a little different between phones using iOS operating system and Android operating system.

Find someone on WhatsApp on Android

This is how you may search for someone on WhatsApp if you have an Android smartphone.

Step 1: Get WhatsApp from the Google Play Store and install it.

To confirm that WhatsApp was installed properly, open it.

find someone on WhatsApp
Download WhatsApp

Step 2: To accept the terms and conditions of the WhatsApp app if this is your first time using it, click “Agree and Continue.”

find someone on WhatsApp
Agree and continue on WhatsApp

Step 3: Next, to create an account, provide your mobile number. When finished, click Next.

find someone on WhatsApp

The software should, among other things, request your consent before accessing your contacts. To proceed, click Allow.

find someone on WhatsApp
Allow on WhatsApp

Step 4: You must enter a name for your WhatsApp profile. A photo can also be uploaded, but it’s not required. Click Next when you’re finished.

Step 5: Now that everything is set up, you can start looking for contacts. Make sure the “Chats” tab is selected.

Depending on your device, you can find this tab at the top or bottom of the screen, but it is always in the same bar as “Status” and “Calls.”

find someone on WhatsApp
Chats tab on WhatsApp

Step 6: Click the “Start a Chat” button on your app’s interface, which is situated in the bottom right corner. You can then see a list of the people on your phone who use WhatsApp.

find someone on WhatsApp
Start chat on WhatsApp

Step 7: Enter the name or phone number of the person you want to WhatsApp message. You can send them a message right now if they have a WhatsApp account. If not, let’s choose the option to “Invite” them to WhatsApp.

Find someone on WhatsApp on iOS

As already said, the procedure for android phones differs only little from iOS. Here are the procedures for using an iOS smartphone to find someone on WhatsApp.

Step 1: Get WhatsApp from the App Store and install it.

find someone on WhatsApp
Download WhatsApp on iOS

Step 2: Open the downloaded app. The next actions need to be the same as for the Android version. Simply carry out steps 2–6 as shown above.

Step 3: Select the Chats tab in the bottom bar to begin looking for acquaintances.

find someone on WhatsApp
Start chat on WhatsApp iOS

Step 4: On the iOS version of WhatsApp, there are two main ways to start a conversation with a contact. One option is to tap the button at the top right corner. You may also select “Start Messaging” from the menu.

find someone on WhatsApp
Start a new chat on iOS

Step 5: Using either technique will bring up a list of your phone contacts who are also WhatsApp users.

Step 6: You may either tap on an username and a phone number to start a discussion or utilize the Search option to look for specific persons.

Once more, you can only message contacts on your phone who have WhatsApp downloaded on their device. You’ll need to first send them an invitation if they aren’t already signed up for WhatsApp. You only need to click the “Invite” button next to their name, so don’t worry.

Find someone on WhatsApp on Web Browser or Desktop App

If you’d like, you can use WhatsApp’s desktop application or web browser versions. Although you can’t really determine if someone is online using these desktop versions of WhatsApp, it pretty much has the same functions as the mobile versions.

Step 1: Launch any browser, such as Mozilla Firefox, Safari, or Google Chrome.

Step 2: Type https://web.whatsapp.com into the search bar if you want to use WhatsApp on a web browser. Instead, type https://www.whatsapp.com/download if you want to download the desktop application.

find somone on WhatsApp
WhatsApp web

Step 3: To use the desktop application, merely download the file you downloaded and run it after it has finished. The next procedures are exactly the same in both the desktop program and the web version.

Step 4: A QR code will appear on the screen. Before you could even log in, you must use your phone to scan this code.

find someone on WhatsApp
Scan QR code

Simply launch WhatsApp on your iPhone, then go to Settings.

Step 5: Click WhatsApp Web/Desktop under Starred Messages. Click this.

On Android, select the three dots by clicking the symbol in the top right corner.

find someone on WhatsApp
Three dots on top right corner

Step 6: A new selection menu will appear. On WhatsApp Web, click.

Step 7: A screen displaying a QR scanner will be presented to you. On your desktop, use the web browser to scan the QR code, then click OK.

find people on WhatsApp
WhatsApp web

If everything goes well, WhatsApp will automatically log you in using your web browser.

Step 8: To start a new chat after successfully logging in, hit the New Chat icon on the right hand side.

find people on WhatsApp
New chat

Step 9: A list of contact information that resembles the one on your phone will appear. From here, you may either click on the search bar and enter the name or phone number of the person you’re looking for, or you can scroll down to find your contact.

You may now directly access WhatsApp from your desktop, eliminating the requirement to type the URL into your browser, which is the main distinction between WhatsApp’s chrome browser and the Web version.

The person you’re looking for must already have a WhatsApp account for this to operate, so keep that in mind. If someone doesn’t have a WhatsApp account, they won’t appear in your contacts list because you can’t invite them from the desktop of WhatsApp.

Find someone on WhatsApp on phone

If you know someone’s phone number and they aren’t in your phone contacts, you can still find someone on WhatsApp. Do as 2 ways follow:  

Save the contact to your contacts list on your phone

If you wish to send a message to someone whose phone number is not already registered in your phone contacts, the solution is as easy as saving their number to your contact list.

This is the procedure. Although these procedures were carried out on an iPhone, you can be sure that they work similarly on Android and iOS.

Step 1: Make sure the “Chats” option is selected when you launch WhatsApp on your phone.

Depending on your device, this tab may be placed at the top or bottom of the screen, but it is always near the “Status” and “Calls” buttons.

find someone on WhatsApp
Chats tab on WhatsApp

Step 2: Start a new message by clicking the compose button, which is located in the top right of the screen on iOS and the bottom right side of the screen on Android.

Step 3: Click the “New Contact” button rather than scroll or use the search function.

find people on WhatsApp
Start a new chat on WhatsApp

Step 4: After that, you’ll be directed to a new screen where you may enter the information for your new contact. A first name must be entered, but a surname name is not required.

Naturally, you must also enter a mobile number in the space provided. Select the appropriate international country code, don’t forget.

Step 5: If the contact number you plugged in is linked to a WhatsApp profile, WhatsApp will notify you right away.

Step 6: To save your new number to your phone, tap the “Save” icon in the tab’s top right corner.

find people on WhatsApp
Save contact on WhatsApp

Step 7: You can now start a WhatsApp discussion with the person if they already have one if they have.

If You Don’t Add Them To Your Contacts

You may alternatively use the browser and WhatsApp app on your phone to send a text directly to the unspecified number if you don’t want to deal with the trouble of adding the new contact to your phone.

Step 1: In your web browser, enter the url https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=xxxxxxxxxx. Substitute the desired phone number for the Xs, being careful to use the proper international country code.

Step 2: After typing in the number, you will be taken to a screen with a text asking you to chat with them. Click “Continue to chat” after making sure the number is right.

Step 3: If you’re using WhatsApp on the web and don’t already have the desktop version installed, you’ll be offered the choice to do so or to keep using the web version.

find people on WhatsApp
Don’t have WhatsApp account

Step 4: The link won’t work if you’re using a mobile phone and don’t have WhatsApp installed. For this strategy to work, your mobile device must have WhatsApp installed.

Step 5: After that, you’ll be taken to a chat tab with the phone number you entered. Without keeping their phone number on your phone, you can now start a discussion with this person.

Find someone on WhatsApp without phone number

A phone number is unfortunately required to find someone on WhatsApp, and there’s a solid reason for that—the user’s privacy.

To find someone on WhatsApp and start a chat with them, you must store their phone number in your contact list.

All of these techniques, meanwhile, require searching the internet for the person’s phone number because WhatsApp requires a phone number in order to function.

Here are some ways to find someone on WhatsApp without their phone number:

  • You can visit the website to find the contact information of the individual you’re looking for if they have an official website or are a high-ranking employee of a business with a website. Typically, a website’s Contact Us, About Us, Our Team, or The Management pages will list each person’s phone number.
  • Peruse the profiles on social media. Whether you know a person’s name, search for their profile on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter to see if they have posted their phone number there.


The above article has shared information about 4 ways to find people on WhatsApp. Hope the article will help you with useful information on how to find people on WhatsApp. Find out more information about WhatsApp on our website!

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