How to delete WhatsApp account on the phone quickly

For some personal reasons you want to delete your WhatsApp account on your phone to create yourself an account with different information. Do you know how to delete whatsapp account? Is it difficult to delete a Whatsapp account? Follow along with Whatsapp Web to follow the article below to know the steps to do it, friends!

I. Things to know before deleting whatsapp account

When you decide to delete your whatsapp account, whatsapp will do:

  • Your account will be lost on whatsapp
  • Your message history is deleted
  • whatsapp groups are also lost
  • The google drive backup is deleted

So, if you want to delete your account temporarily and want to keep your messages and chats from being lost, you should back up your chats.

To back up your chats, do the following:

  • Open whatsapp app
  • Click on the 3 dots icon in the upper right corner of the screen
  • Go to chat
  • Click on chat backup and select backup 
things to know before deleting
Why did you delete your whatsapp account

II. Instructions to delete WhatsApp account on the phone quickly

1. Quick guide on how to delete whatsapp account

Open the WhatsApp application > Go to the Settings menu > Select Account > Select Delete My Account > Choose the reason for deleting the account > Next confirm twice > Delete My Account

delete whatsapp account
Quick guide to delete whatsapp account simple and easy to do

2. Detailed instructions on how to delete whatsapp account

Step 1: Open the application on the phone interface and select the 3-dot icon on the right side of the screen.

Step 2: In the new interface, select Settings, then select the account item (here you can change privacy information, security, change phone number).

Step 2
Open your Whatsapp, click setting and select account

Step 3: Next, at the account interface select delete my account, you need to enter your phone number in the box and click on the red item delete my account.

Enter phone number
Enter phone number

Step 4: The system asks you why you want to delete the application, enter the reason you want to delete and then click Next.

The system asks you to confirm the second time, you continue to press Delete My Account

Press delete account
Press delete account

Step 5: Complete the above steps, the notification application has been successfully deleted. Your account has been deleted.

That’s it, it’s done. Just a few basic steps as above, you can delete your current account quickly. Hopefully with the above steps you will help you do it easily. Good luck!

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